Kerita Solomon, Orlando, Fl

A great awakening has taken place in my life most recently and I credit
Dr.Cecilia Surbano for her role in guiding me to discover myself. I’ve completed four hypnotic
sessions with her and the experience was profoundly great. She made me feel comfortable and safe.
She has a beautiful soul and a passionate devotion to her craft. I felt love and support in her presence and in my interactions with her. Her voice and demeanor are calming and reassuring. I love the fact that she gave me space to just be Kerita with no judgement. If there’s anyone out there feeling lost, I encourage you to try hypnotherapy, with this beautiful woman.  I was at a very dark and trying point of my life where I felt trapped, unmotivated and unsure of myself. Something had to give and I was willing to make a change. Through hypnotherapy with Dr. Cecilia, I have discovered who I am and my true purpose for being in this world. For many years I had locked away a precious talent due to fear and disbelief. Thanks to Cecilia, today I’ve reclaimed that devine gift and I create beautiful art, freely. I’m inspired to live my best life yet and I can’t wait to get up every day to see it unfold. I now live in a beautiful place I fondly call “me,”   and in this place I am safe, free and infinite. My life is a great adventure filled with experiences. I am filled with gratitude and I wish for others to feel this goodness that I’m feeling too. Thank you Cecilia. Forever love and highest blessings!
Kerita Solomon, Orlando, Fl
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