magic oil

MAGIC OIL: Wildcrafted oil for any minor skin problems (rashes, minor cuts, burns, acne,etc.)

INGREDIENTS: Organic Extra Virgen Olive oil, dandelion leaves, plantain leaves, violet leaves.

1 0z bottle: $15.00

arnica oilARNICA OIL: Wildcrafted oil for muscular pain and massage.

INGREDIENTS: Organic Extra Virgen Olive oil, Arnica flowers.

1 0z bottle: $15.00

calendula salve

CALENDULA & ROSE HIPS SALVE: Wildcrafted salve, moisturizing and nutritive

INGREDIENTS: Calendula and Rose hips infused in Organic Extra Virgen Olive oil, beeswax, Vit. E, Lavender EO.

2 oz bottle: $20.00


We live in a world surrounded by Electromagnetic frequencies produced by cell phones, laptops, TV, microwaves, electronics, etc.  that affects our bodies and our health. AamoraA has being designed to balance our own electromagnetic field.

It gives us balance, improves strength, more concentration, more energy, improves sleep, etc.

AamoraA Testimony

AamoraA creator

AamoraA pendant

AAMORAA PENDANT: It is recommended to wear an AamoraA 24/7 continuously for 90 days or more.

Made with Tagua (Ivory nut from Ecuador)

Dimensions: Approximately 1 inch in diameter x 3/16-inch thick
Warranty: 4 year


AamoraA PhoneAAMORAA PHONE: for cell phones, wi-fi, or small devices.

2 for 1: $18.00

AamoraA ElectronicsAAMORA ELECTRONICS: for laptops, tablets, microwaves, fuse boxes, etc.





Now you can download the book in PDF, easily to your PC, mobile or Kindle

bookengThe Power of the Mind and the Law of Attraction:

You’ve probably heard of the Law of Attraction, is nothing more nor less than to attract all that you want in your life using this Universal Law. Such as the Law of Gravity, it works even if you do not believe, do not know it exists, or do not pay attention, this requires some care on our part, because it works with both positive thoughts and with the negative, and in most cases do not attract what we want into our lives.
This is why it is absolutely necessary to keep positive thoughts. In this guide you will find the most practical and effective formula to change your thinking and eventually
your reality, understanding how your mind works and making it work in your favor.

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