Reiki Asheville NC


Reiki is the channeling of universal or spiritual energy, known as “Chi”, to bring harmony to our body, our mind and our spirit. This therapy open up and stabilizes energy centers called “chakras”.
Reiki sessions help us be in a holistic harmony (body, mind and soul), which helps our welfare, providing energy while relaxing the body and focuses the mind.


– Balance the energy of body glands, to promote the homeostasis.
– Relieves pain
– Treats symptoms and causes of illness
– Strengthens the immune system
– Frees blockages and suppressed emotions to promote emotional and spiritual peace
– Relaxes and reduces stress

Reiki in Asheville NC


We recommend at least one session per week for the first two months of treatment and then at least once a month, depending on the case.
The reikist treats the patient fully clothed, placing your hands in different positions along the energy pathways and energy centers (chakras) of the body, positions are similar to those used in acupuncture and the intention is to balance energy and open the chakras to facilitate Being’s healing.



Orthomolecular MedicineOrthomolecular Medicine:

Orthomolecular Medicine is a branch of Naturopathic or Holistic Medicine and is based on the principle that “there are no diseases, only nutritional deficiencies.”

The name of Orthomolecular Medicine was given by the chemist Linus Pauling, who was twice Nobel laureate and one of the first to apply the principles of Quantum Physics. The word derives from Ortho that means correct and Molecule referred to the nutrient, in other words it means to finding the right nutrient that the body needs to restore health.

In Orthomolecular therapy we seek the origin of the disease or dysfunction and recommend the right nutrients to halt and reverse the process. When we talk of nutrients we refer to Minerals,Vitamins, Amino Acids, Fatty Acids and Proteins in the doses that the body requires to perform its natural functions.

Impressive testimony as Vitamin C in large doses (Orthomolecular Nutrition) saves a man from certain death.




Iridology Asheville NC


Science that study man through Iris, a holistic way of understanding the human being that speaks both their spiritual and their genetic patterns.
The eyes reveal a lot of information about their owners through the colors, shapes and patterns they contain.
The iris externalized body composition, their innate weaknesses, health levels and changes in the body that have occurred as a result of the lifestyle that has led.

Through the ages the eyes have been proclaimed as “windows of the soul”. Now also recognize that they are also “mirrors of the body.” What is revealed in the eyes and the surrounding area have long used as evidence of people‘s health, but today we realize that the information disclosed in them is much broader than what once could imagine .

A more thorough inspection, availing ourselves of the means currently provides us with technology, allows us to consider the iris as a microcomputer screen that displays the functions and conditions of the organism, so that really deserves the serious attention of everyone thought honest and unbiased.
Chromotherapy Asheville NC


Chromotherapy also called color therapy, is an alternative medicine technique in which principal aim is to cure diseases through the use of colors.
The colors exert emotional influences on people, allowing to generate a state that facilitates healing and restore energy imbalances that cause these diseases.
Chromotherapy works by applying a light corresponding to the color under different conditions.
With this therapy, through cleaning and stimulating the chakras or energy centers, we get well, relieve stress, control and release emotions, increase our energy, raise our vibrational frequency and heal your body in general.