This therapy detoxifies the body through the feet, by soaking them for 30 minutes in a solution of salt water and a device that charge electrically water molecules and ionizing it.

This ionic activity helps push through the feet, toxins and heavy metals accumulated in the body.

1 to 2 sessions per week is recommended to relieve ailments and 1 session per month maintenance.


Kidneys, liver, lymphatic system, gallbladder, bladder, reproductive organs, joints,
Toxins : tobacco, heavy metals, yeast, candida, pesticides, etc.


Increases energy levels
Relieves constipation
Increases metabolism for weight management
Relieves allergies
Relieves asthma
Normalizes blood pressure by improving blood circulation
Relieves joint pain ( arthritis , etc.).
Reduces fluid retention
Improves mental clarity
Strengthens the immune system
Detoxify the Liver
Ejects metals
Reduces stress
Improves sexual activity
Relieves pain in the body
Improves memory and sleep quality
Cleans the kidneys
Helps eliminate parasites
Wrinkles, acne and improves skin appearance
Increases circulation of oxygen
Improves headaches and neck
Digestive problems
Improves mental relaxation
Increases libido



People with pacemakers or other electronic device in the body.
People with organ transplants
People with epilepsy
Pregnant or breastfeeding
Children under 8 years

For more information about this therapy, call at 407-399-2848 or e-mailme to

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