About Me

Cecilia Surbano Holistic Therapist

Since childhood I felt the urge to explore and learn about the nature of human beings. I always knew we were something much bigger and have far more capabilities than we can imagine.
I never resigned myself to the idea of believing that we just born, grow, reproduce and die. This need to know more about the nature of man, coupled with intuition and bringing gifts from birth, led me to discover the wonderful spiritual and holistic therapies.

From the knowledge of myself and work on my blocks and traumas of the past, healing me mentally, emotionally and physically through various holistic healing techniques, was that I discovered that the secret of the physical, mental and spiritual and key to happiness lies within man.

All we need, was already given to us by Mother Nature …

With over 10 years combined experience in the art of holistic healing and self-analysis techniques and alternative therapies, healing design custom programs, with excellent results.
Certified in Clinical and Holistic Hypnosis, Iridology, Reiki Master, Metaphysical Science Teacher and Holistic Therapist.
Member of the National Guild of Hypnotists.

Cecilia Surbano Reiki SpecialistMy passion:

The meaning of holistic is the understanding of the uniqueness of our human existence. Holistic care addresses the “material body” and “immaterial body” at the same time. In holistic therapies we don’t separate body care with the mind and spirit.
My passion and mission in life is part of helping people to awaken to the spiritual world and become aware of their mental processes, of how thoughts with feelings together, produces emotions which affect the physical body. With this knowledge and using some holistic healing techniques, we can easily achieve a good overall health and a better quality of life.