With over 10 years of experience in the art of holistic healing, Cecilia personalized wellness programs for each customer, providing optimal results.



Hypnosis to me is a unique experience; through it, you could treat and correct many fears that might be stored inside of us since childhood and that we unconsciously do not realize that this actually affects our adult lives.
Vina - Caracas Venezuela
How to thank you for inspiring me and helping me transform my energy and my life. After my session (hypnosis/regression) with you, I’ve had many financial blessings, growth, health, and more to come into my life!
Evelor savior - New York, New York
My thoughts and my character have changed An I feel as good as I used to feel many years ago. My husband is amazed to see how I now come home so happy and full of energy. Thank you so much Cecilia for being in my life and helped me when I needed it.
Neria Pittmam - Mount Dora FL
Cecilia me recuerdan que al estar sola, estoy conmigo misma, y no tengo que aceptar ninguna batalla con seres con energía negativa que me sobrecargan e impactan mi Paz. Que solo YO puedo llegar a sentir esa Paz estando conmigo y aceptándome a mí misma. Y no sentirme sola, porque me tengo a mi misma. Cecilia reminds me that when I’m alone, I am actually with myself, and I should not have battle with negative energy  beings because all they do it’s to overload my peace. I only feel that I can reach peace by being and accepting myself. I shouldn’t feel lonely, because I’ll always have myself.
Xiomy - Orlando, FL
Cecilia is one of the most talented professionals I have known in the field of metaphysics. She help me overcome emotional blockages through regressive hypnosis and has been my master to become Reikist.
Gustavo Rossi - Orlando FL
When I became interested in metaphysics, I met THE POWER OF THE MIND AND THE LAW OF ATTRACTION, and really, this manual helped me a lot to understand and implement the mental power that we all human beings have. To this day, the results have been impressive.
Maryluz - Orlando FL
A great awakening has taken place in my life most recently and I credit
Dr.Cecilia Surbano for her role in guiding me to discover myself. I’ve completed four hypnotic
sessions with her and the experience was profoundly great. She made me feel comfortable and safe.
She has a beautiful soul and a passionate devotion to her craft. I felt love and support in her presence and in my interactions with her. Her voice and demeanor are calming and reassuring. I love the fact that she gave me space to just be Kerita with no judgement. If there’s anyone out there feeling lost, I encourage you to try hypnotherapy, with this beautiful woman.  I was at a very dark and trying point of my life where I felt trapped, unmotivated and unsure of myself. Something had to give and I was willing to make a change. Through hypnotherapy with Dr. Cecilia, I have discovered who I am and my true purpose for being in this world. For many years I had locked away a precious talent due to fear and disbelief. T…
Kerita Solomon, Orlando, Fl
First, I want to start by saying that hypnosis therapy (whether it takes you back to past lives or back onto early years of our current life), does not mean you are unconscious or asleep dreaming during the session, you just find yourself far from reality. I just wanted to clarified this because many people whom I have told my experience to, have asked me about this. Cecilia has made me happy and helped me to live a full and wonderful life, fulfilled with meaning and a wide communication with my own self.
Angela- Orlando Fl
With Cecilia’s help, my mind and my being are in a new state of security, joy and harmony. Today, I live peaceful and in harmony with everything around me. Thank you very much and good luck Cecilia.
Pedro Angarita - Orlando FL