With over 10 years of experience in the art of holistic healing, Cecilia personalized wellness programs for each customer, providing optimal results.



Cecilia me recuerdan que al estar sola, estoy conmigo misma, y no tengo que aceptar ninguna batalla con seres con energía negativa que me sobrecargan e impactan mi Paz. Que solo YO puedo llegar a sentir esa Paz estando conmigo y aceptándome a mí misma. Y no sentirme sola, porque me tengo a mi misma. Cecilia reminds me that when I’m alone, I am actually with myself, and I should not have battle with negative energy  beings because all they do it’s to overload my peace. I only feel that I can reach peace by being and accepting myself. I shouldn’t feel lonely, because I’ll always have myself.
Xiomy - Orlando, FL